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Click4Pandit is a platform with a vision to enable people to get the right puja experience. We connect customers looking for pujas with the right pandits and deliver the required samagri to their doorstep a day before the puja. We partner with florists, sweet shops, samagri vendors, pandits and brass dealers so they can find a one point solution to market their products, services and boost sales using our platform. Click4Pandit has its online-store for brass decor and samagri where customers can book orders according to their choice.

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Matches the right pandit with the right customers.

Using our trusted & transparent platform you can earn more credibility and acknowledgement. We also help to find more customers of your own community.

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Samagri Vendors
Better access to the larger market online

Click4Pandit helps you to get more orders in a convenient way. Just receive the order online, arrange items, hand over to our delivery agent and receive payment.

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Brass Dealers
Find the right marketplace

Whether it's a puja, home decoration or a gift item, Click4Pandit’s store matches your products to the right customers. We also market your products to corporates and offer better margins on bulk orders.

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Let our customers know

Make your flower shop business more accessible, so that apart from your existing customers, you can also supply to all the pujas that we serve in your locality. Just pack the flowers, hand-over to our delivery executive and receive payment.

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Get an add on customer

Get more business when you tie-up with Click4Pandit. We will supply your sweets to all our pujas in your locality. Your brand also gets featured in our website.